People we trust

While Bermuda does not have a legal standard or certifying body for organic produce, the local farmers we work with stand by firm principles and stake their reputations on their professional integrity. They do not use chemical pesticides, herbicides, GMO, artificial additives or plant growth hormones. They keep their promises.

At Devil’s Isle, we serve only grass-fed beef and certified humane chicken which are hormone and antibiotic free. We invite you to find out more about our animal products and other ingredients here. [Link to Our Food page] Whenever available we use locally-grown vegetables in proud support of the Bermuda farming community; these relationships with our farmers, built on trust and a mutual commitment to sustainable, natural produce and practices, mean that we in turn can make that promise to you.

J & J Produce

Another great family business, J&J’s grow flowers and wonderful fragrant herbs as well as fruits and vegetables. We love getting delivery of a fresh bunch of cilantro, or sprigs of mint to add that extra zing to our mojitos!

Tuckers Farm

Local “micro” goat dairy and cheesemaker, James Tucker has been making goat cheese for two decades at his small farm in Paget. Fresh batches of approximately 50 lbs of cheese are made twice each week, with a diverse selection of cheeses available including soft, surface ripened, aged and wax ripened variteties. We love the creamy, flavoursome addition these delicious goat cheeses make to our dishes at Devil’s Isle.

Find out more about Tucker’s Farm Goat Cheese here.

Bermy Fresh

One of the ingredients that make our Harvest Bowl so tasty (and nutritious!) are the organic sprouts and micro-greens we get from local hydroponic grower Bermy Fresh. Grown in coconut fibre, the sprouts are picked at the last possible moment to go straight onto your plate. You can’t get fresher than that!

Junior Hill

Junior Hill’s family-run farm is our number one supplier of fresh greens, including the kale for our tasty Kale Caesar salad. Junior’s green thumb produces everything from broccoli to the famous Bermuda onion, and a visit to his road-side stall is a weekend must for anyone seeking locally-grown seasonal fruit and veg.