Meet Our Team

Head Chef

Matthew Pridham

Always looking for adventure and never a follower of convention, Matt believes in testing the boundaries in his kitchen. His menu philosophy is a simple one: always real, always natural but never boring. A 17-year career in food has seen Matt in pubs, catering and fine dining. His recipes have been published, his dishes awarded and his face on television, yet the fire of a busy Saturday night is still what ignites his passion. In 2010 Matt opened MODA Urban Dining restaurant in Halifax, Nova Scotia with his Bermudian wife Melissa. MODA was very successful and popular on the local food scene, but when the opportunity came up in 2014 they decided the time was right to return to the island. Matt loves the great Canadian outdoors and heads back home to Ontario whenever he can, where you’ll find him kayaking waterfalls fishing or testing the limits on a motorcycle.

We are thrilled to be working with the Oracle Team at their headquarters in Dockyard. Chef Matt is taking care of the Team’s nutritional needs with delicious Devil’s Isle meals, keeping their energy levels up for action packed days out on the water. Matt is still very much involved with Devil’s Isle though and won’t be a stranger to the restaurant kitchen.